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Knowledge Repository

An epidemiological study of falls on integrated general medical wards.

Author(s): Vassallo, M., Azeem, T., Pirwani, M. F., Sharma, J. C., Allen, S. C.
Inpatient falls are common and may result in serious physical and psychological morbidity. In hospitals, quality of care is important for healthcare workers, patients, and their relatives. Falls and accidents are therefore an important risk management issue.
Key Point Summary

Suicide and self-harm in inpatient psychiatric units: a study of nursing issues in 31 cases

Author(s): Gournay, K., Bowers, L.
A significant number of incidents of suicide and self-harm occur in in-patient facilities. This study comprises of the review and audit of 31 suicide cases, each case being the subject of legal action brought by patients and/or their families. 
Key Point Summary

Children in hospital: A design question

Author(s): Vavili, F.

Subjective barriers to prevent wandering of cognitively impaired people

Author(s): Price, J.D., Hermans, D.G., Grimley Evans, J.

Intensive care unit design and environmental factors in the acquisition of infection

Author(s): O'Connell, N.H., Humphreys, H.

Feng Shui for the health sector: harmonious buildings, healthier people

Author(s): Jeffreys, P.

Reducing occupational stress in intensive care

Author(s): Corr, M.

Management of adolescents in pediatric hospitals. A national survey

Author(s): Caflisch, M., Alvin, P.

Preventing serious injuries from falls

Author(s): Archiable, N.

Intensive safety effort cuts falls, ulcers, and drug errors at once-disgraced FL hospital

Author(s): Anonymity