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Knowledge Repository

What is the prevalence of environmental hazards in the homes of dementia sufferers and are they associated with falls

Author(s): Lowery, K., Buri, H., Ballard, C.

Patients' perception of sound levels in the surgical suite

Author(s): Liu, E.H., Tan, S.

Hospital design. Room for improvement

Author(s): Lawson, B., Phiri, M.

Assessment of alternative hand hygiene regimens to improve skin health among neonatal intensive care unit nurses

Author(s): Larson, E., Silberger, M., Jakob, K., Whittier, S., Lai, L., Della Latta, P., Saiman, L.

Postulating a dermal pathway for exposure to anti-neoplastic drugs among hospital workers: Applying a conceptual model to the results of three workplace surveys

Author(s): Kromhout, H., Hoek, F., Uitterhoeve, R., Huijbers, R., Overmars, R.F., Anzion, R., Vermeulen, R.

Aerators as a reservoir of Acinetobacter junii: an outbreak of bacteraemia in paediatric oncology patients

Author(s): Kappstein, I., Grundmann, H., Hauer, T., Niemeyer, C.

Feng Shui for the health sector: harmonious buildings, healthier people

Author(s): Jeffreys, P.

ICU Bedside Environment. A Nursing Perspective

Author(s): Jastremski, C.A.

Virtual reality as an adjunctive pain control during burn wound care in adolescent patients

Author(s): Hoffman, H.G., Doctor, J.N., Patterson, D.R., Carrougher, G.J., Furness, T.A., 3rd

Nursing stress: the effects of coping strategies and job satisfaction in a sample of Australian nurses

Author(s): Healy, C.M., McKay, M.F.