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Knowledge Repository

Evidence-Based Design:: The ACOEM Practice Guidelines Dissemination Project

Author(s): Harris, J.S., Glass, L.S., Ossler, C., Low, P.

Hospital infection control in an era of HIV infection and multi-drug resistant tuberculosis

Author(s): Hannan, M.M., Azadian, B.S., Gazzard, B.G., Hawkins, D.A., Hoffman, P.N.

Measuring sound in hospital nurseries.

Author(s): Gray, L., Philbin, M.

Understanding the Effects of Nurses, Patients' Hospital Rooms, and Patients' Perception of Control in the Perceived Quality of a Hospital

Author(s): Gotlieb, J.B.

Computer users' postures and associations with workstation characteristics.

Author(s): Gerr, Marcus, Ortiz, White, Jones, Cohen, Gentry, Edwards, Bauer

Smart occupancy sensors to reduce energy consumption

Author(s): Garg, V., Bansal, N.K.

Critical care transport

Author(s): Fromm, R.E., Varon, J.

Diminished perception of ambient light: A symptom of clinical depression?

Author(s): Friberg, T.R., Borrero, G.

Creating a healing environment: the importance of the service setting in the new consumer-oriented healthcare system

Author(s): Fottler, M.D., Ford, R.C., Roberts, V., Ford, E.W.

Health and productivity gains from better indoor environments and their relationships with building energy efficiency

Author(s): Fisk, W.J.