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Knowledge Repository

Top 10 Green Building Myths

Author(s): Roberts, G.

Design of buildings shape and energetic consumption

Author(s): Depecker, P., Menezo, C., Virgone, J., Lepers, S.

Polymicrobial outbreak of intermittent peritoneal dialysis peritonitis during external wall renovation at a dialysis center.

Author(s): Cheng, V.C., Lo, W.K., Woo, P.C., Chan, S.B., Cheng, S.W., Ho, M., Yuen, K.Y.

Infection control considerations during construction activities: Land excavation and demolition

Author(s): Cheng, S.M., Streifel, A.J.

Low-energy building design guidelines: energy-efficient design for new federal facilities

Author(s): Zachman, W., Carlisle, N.

Guidelines for design and construction of hospitals and health care facilities, 2001

Author(s): The American Institute of Architects Academy of Architecture for Health, The Facitilties Guidelines Institute, U.S. Department of Health and human Services