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Knowledge Repository

Job satisfaction among nurses - A predictor of burnout levels

Author(s): Kalliath, T., Morris, R.

Therapeutic uses of security: Mapping forensic mental health services by stratifying risk

Author(s): Kennedy, H. G.

The Eden Alternative: Findings after 1 year of implementation

Author(s): Coleman, M. T., Looney, S., O'Brien, J., Ziegler, C., Pastorino, C. A., Turner, C.

Antibacterial properties of antimicrobial-finished textile products

Author(s): Takai, K., Ohtsuka, T., Senda, Y., Nakao, M., Yamamoto, K., Matsuoka, J., Hirai, Y.

Influence of an Outdoor Garden on Mood and Stress in Older Persons

Author(s): Rodiek, S. D.
Research conducted in healthcare settings shows that the presence of plants and natural environments in healthcare environments has a positive impact on patient outcome. The value of nature and gardening to the older adult is also reported in literature. 
Key Point Summary

Strategies for Improving Residents' Nighttime Sleep

Author(s): Rahman, A. N., Schnelle, J. F.

Urban Residential Environments and Senior Citizens’ Longevity in Megacity Areas: The Importance of Walkable Green Spaces

Author(s): Takano, T., Nakamura, K., Watanabe, M.

Effectiveness of installing overhead ceiling lifts: Reducing musculoskeletal injuries in an extended care hospital unit.

Author(s): Ronald, L. A., Yassi, A., Spiegel, J., Tate, R. B., Tait, D., Mozel, M. R.
High rate of musculoskeletal injuries (MSI) among healthcare workers is well documented. Lifetime prevalence rates of back pain greater than 70 percent have been reported and higher incidence rates of MSI have been observed in healthcare workers compared to the general population and two other occupation groups. Mechanical lifting equipment has been recommended as an effective tool for decreasing the rate and severity of MSI in healthcare workers.
Key Point Summary

Applying human factors in improving medication-use safety

Author(s): Schneider,PJ.
In this descriptive study the author summarizes the highlights of an interactive conference on human factors (HF) and t applications to improve medication safety. The author describes the various human factors concepts and tools and their applications in reducing human errors, thus improving medication safety.
Key Point Summary

Fall and Injury Prevention in Older People Living in Residential Care Facilities: A Cluster Randomized Trial

Author(s): Jensen, J., Lundin-Olsson, L., Nyberg, L., Gustafson, Y.
Despite the fact that falls and resulting injuries are common in the residential care population, little is known about how to prevent falls. Research during the past 10 years around fall prevention has shown positive and negative results. Some of these inconsistent results could be explained by differences in target groups, interventions, and outcome measures. 
Key Point Summary