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Knowledge Repository

Strategies for Improving Residents' Nighttime Sleep

Author(s): Rahman, A. N., Schnelle, J. F.

Relaxation music decreases the dose of patient-controlled sedation during colonoscopy: a prospective randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Lee, D.W.H, Chan, K, Poon, C, Ko, C, Chan, K, Sin, K, Chan, A.C.W
Colonoscopy is an unpleasant and stressful procedure which often requires a high doseage of sedatives for the patients. Additionally patient noncompliance with recommendations for colonoscopy procedures can become a challenge in surveilance programs for screening cancer. This study explores the effectiveness of a non-pharmocological intervention, like relaxation music, on patient-controlled sedation. 
Key Point Summary

Medication Dispensing Errors in Community Pharmacies: A Nationwide Study

Author(s): Flynn, E. A., Dorris, N. T., Holman, G. T., Camahan, B. J., Barker, K. N
The available literature concerning medication dispensing errors provides relatively few studies that focus on community-based pharmacies, as much of the available research regarding dispensing errors has been conducted in single pharmacies that are associated with hospitals and medical centers, largely due to convenience. Although the dispensing process may be essentially the same, the validity of extending these findings to community pharmacies has yet to be tested. 
Key Point Summary

A meta-analysis of the efficacy of music therapy for premature infants

Author(s): Standley, J.M.

Changing levels of quiet in an intensive care nursery

Author(s): Philbin, M.K., Gray, L.

Excessive noise levels in the neonatal ICU: Potential effects on auditory system development

Author(s): Kent, W.D., Tan, A.K., Clarke, M.C., Bardell, T.

The effectiveness of music as an intervention for hospital patients: a systematic review

Author(s): Evans, D.

The effects of interactive music therapy on hospitalized children with cancer: a pilot study

Author(s): Barrera, M.E., Rykov, M.H., Doyle, S.L.

The design of caring environments and the quality of life of older people

Author(s): Barnes, S., Design in Caring Environments Study, G.

Noise in the postanaesthesia care unit

Author(s): Allaouchiche, B., Duflo, F., Debon, R., Bergeret, A., Chassard, D.