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Knowledge Repository

A comparison of behaviour in two differing psychiatric long-stay rehabilitation environments

Author(s): McGonagle, I.M., Allan, S.

Designing a new NICU for family-centered care

Author(s): Brooks, A.

New vistas. Evidence-based design projects look into the links between a facility's environment and its care

Author(s): Bilchik, G.S.

Physician-patient communication in the primary care office: A systematic review

Author(s): Beck, R., Daughtridge, R., Sloane, P.

The design of caring environments and the quality of life of older people

Author(s): Barnes, S., Design in Caring Environments Study, G.

Reconfiguring clinical teamwork for safety and effectiveness

Author(s): Uhlig, P.

Postoccupancy evaluation: Issues and implementation

Author(s): Zimring, C.