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Knowledge Repository

Antibacterial properties of antimicrobial-finished textile products

Author(s): Takai, K., Ohtsuka, T., Senda, Y., Nakao, M., Yamamoto, K., Matsuoka, J., Hirai, Y.

Effectiveness of installing overhead ceiling lifts: Reducing musculoskeletal injuries in an extended care hospital unit.

Author(s): Ronald, L. A., Yassi, A., Spiegel, J., Tate, R. B., Tait, D., Mozel, M. R.
High rate of musculoskeletal injuries (MSI) among healthcare workers is well documented. Lifetime prevalence rates of back pain greater than 70 percent have been reported and higher incidence rates of MSI have been observed in healthcare workers compared to the general population and two other occupation groups. Mechanical lifting equipment has been recommended as an effective tool for decreasing the rate and severity of MSI in healthcare workers.
Key Point Summary

Fall and Injury Prevention in Older People Living in Residential Care Facilities: A Cluster Randomized Trial

Author(s): Jensen, J., Lundin-Olsson, L., Nyberg, L., Gustafson, Y.
Despite the fact that falls and resulting injuries are common in the residential care population, little is known about how to prevent falls. Research during the past 10 years around fall prevention has shown positive and negative results. Some of these inconsistent results could be explained by differences in target groups, interventions, and outcome measures. 
Key Point Summary

Perceived Quality of Care: The Influence of the Waiting Room Environment

Author(s): Arneill, A., Devlin, A.
This study is a pioneering effort linking the physical experience of being in physician waiting rooms with perceptions of quality of care. Researchers found that the design/conditions in doctors’ waiting rooms influenced perceptions of the quality of care delivered by the doctors associated with those spaces.
Key Point Summary

Handwashing patterns in two dermatology clinics

Author(s): Cohen, H.A., Kitai, E., Levy, I., Ben-Amitai, D.
Handwashing has been identified as one of the most critical elements of controlling risk of hopital acquired infections. Healthcare workers hands can be a source of nosocomial infections. Adherance to hand hygience protocols is important to prevent the spread of health care-associated infections. 
Key Point Summary

Medication Dispensing Errors in Community Pharmacies: A Nationwide Study

Author(s): Flynn, E. A., Dorris, N. T., Holman, G. T., Camahan, B. J., Barker, K. N
The available literature concerning medication dispensing errors provides relatively few studies that focus on community-based pharmacies, as much of the available research regarding dispensing errors has been conducted in single pharmacies that are associated with hospitals and medical centers, largely due to convenience. Although the dispensing process may be essentially the same, the validity of extending these findings to community pharmacies has yet to be tested. 
Key Point Summary

Facility energy survey

Author(s): Rothbauer, S.J.

Professional Perspectives On Family- Centered Care

Author(s): Center, C.C.M.

Preventing back injuries: Safe patient handling and movement

Author(s): American Nurses Association,

Technology available in nursing programs: implications for developing virtual end-of-life educational tools

Author(s): Wells, M.J., Wilkie, D.J., Brown, M.A., Corless, I.B., Farber, S.J., Judge, M.K., Shannon, S.E.