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Knowledge Repository

Predesign and Post-occupancy Analysis of Staff Behavior in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Author(s): Shepley, M.M.
Advances in technology  have resulted in an increase in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) population; allowing care for newborn babies who might have died in the absence of advanced medical care. The design of NICUs has therefore become an important concern in healthcare, and an ongoing debate is the merit of open bays over closed bays. s. Changes in design have a direct impact on staff experience, and potentially staff behavior, which in turn can impact patient care.
Key Point Summary

The impact of ward design on the behaviour, occupational satisfaction and well-being of psychiatric nurses

Author(s): Tyson, G. A. , Lambert, G., Beattie, L.
Studies have shown that modifications to the physical environment of psychiatric institutions are associated with positive changes in patient behavior, attitudes and perceptions, but less attention has been paid to the impact of these changes on the nursing staff. 
Key Point Summary

Factors Determining Inpatient Satisfaction With Care

Author(s): Thi, P. L.N. , Briancon,S., Empereur, F., Guillemin, F.
With the growing interest in patient-centered care, patient evaluations of their own experiences have been increasingly used to improve the quality of care. Factors associated with satisfaction are thought to include the structure, process and outcome of care as well as patient sociodemographic, physical and psychological status, and attitudes and expectations concerning medical care.  
Key Point Summary

Professional Perspectives On Family- Centered Care

Author(s): Center, C.C.M.

Research on the Hosptial Environment of Pediatric Wards in Japan

Author(s): Yoshitaka, T., Yoji, I., Jun'ichi, O., Shinobu, W., Hidetochi, S., Toshikazu, N., Jun'ichiro, F., Asimasa, O., Hiroaki, T.

"Home" improvement. Comfort, safety and privacy emerge as the biggest considerations in hospital design and construction

Author(s): Solovy, A.

Do patients and their relatives prefer single cubicles or shared wards?

Author(s): Pease, N.J., Finlay, I.G.

Architectural planning of children's hosptial wards from a point of view of play environment as assessed by children

Author(s): Naka, A., Senda, M., Tsuji, Y., Yata, T.

Patients' Satisfaction with Psychiatric Treatment: Comparison Between an Open and a Closed Ward

Author(s): Muller, M.J., SchlÃsser, R., Kapp-Steen, G., Schanz, B., Benkert, O.

The subjective response to linear fluorescent direct/indirect lighting systems

Author(s): Houser, K.W., Tiller, D.K., Bernecker, C.A., Mistrick, R.G.