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Knowledge Repository

Therapeutic uses of security: Mapping forensic mental health services by stratifying risk

Author(s): Kennedy, H. G.

Predesign and Post-occupancy Analysis of Staff Behavior in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Author(s): Shepley, M.M.
Advances in technology  have resulted in an increase in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) population; allowing care for newborn babies who might have died in the absence of advanced medical care. The design of NICUs has therefore become an important concern in healthcare, and an ongoing debate is the merit of open bays over closed bays. s. Changes in design have a direct impact on staff experience, and potentially staff behavior, which in turn can impact patient care.
Key Point Summary

The impact of ward design on the behaviour, occupational satisfaction and well-being of psychiatric nurses

Author(s): Tyson, G. A. , Lambert, G., Beattie, L.
Studies have shown that modifications to the physical environment of psychiatric institutions are associated with positive changes in patient behavior, attitudes and perceptions, but less attention has been paid to the impact of these changes on the nursing staff. 
Key Point Summary

Effect of a rapid assessment clinic on the waiting time to be seen by a doctor and the time spent in the department, for patients presenting to an urban emergency department: a controlled prospective trial

Author(s): Ardagh, M. W. , Wells, J.E. , Cooper, K., Lyons, R., Patterson, R., O'Donovan, P.
Overcrowding in emergency departments is common in most healthcare organizations.  Barriers to efficient patient flow in emergency departments (EDs) create bottlenecks through the system. Upon entry to an ED, the triage process determines how quickly someone might be seen, but this process does not take into account how quickly a patient's condition might be managed, but rather the urgency for care. By addressing an additional component of triage, it was hypothesized that ED throughout could be better managed, reducing wait times for all patients, and better utilizing limited ED resources.
Key Point Summary

Research on the Hosptial Environment of Pediatric Wards in Japan

Author(s): Yoshitaka, T., Yoji, I., Jun'ichi, O., Shinobu, W., Hidetochi, S., Toshikazu, N., Jun'ichiro, F., Asimasa, O., Hiroaki, T.

The effect of burn nursing units on burn wound infections

Author(s): Thompson, J.T., Meredith, J.W., Molnar, J.A.

Architectural planning of children's hosptial wards from a point of view of play environment as assessed by children

Author(s): Naka, A., Senda, M., Tsuji, Y., Yata, T.

A comparison of behaviour in two differing psychiatric long-stay rehabilitation environments

Author(s): McGonagle, I.M., Allan, S.

The private adolescent: Privacy needs of adolescents in hospitals

Author(s): Hutton, A.

Courage to heal: Comprehensive Cardiac Critical care

Author(s): Hendrich, A., Fay, J., Sorrells, A.