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Knowledge Repository

Strategies for Improving Residents' Nighttime Sleep

Author(s): Rahman, A. N., Schnelle, J. F.

Effectiveness of installing overhead ceiling lifts: Reducing musculoskeletal injuries in an extended care hospital unit.

Author(s): Ronald, L. A., Yassi, A., Spiegel, J., Tate, R. B., Tait, D., Mozel, M. R.
High rate of musculoskeletal injuries (MSI) among healthcare workers is well documented. Lifetime prevalence rates of back pain greater than 70 percent have been reported and higher incidence rates of MSI have been observed in healthcare workers compared to the general population and two other occupation groups. Mechanical lifting equipment has been recommended as an effective tool for decreasing the rate and severity of MSI in healthcare workers.
Key Point Summary

Predesign and Post-occupancy Analysis of Staff Behavior in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Author(s): Shepley, M.M.
Advances in technology  have resulted in an increase in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) population; allowing care for newborn babies who might have died in the absence of advanced medical care. The design of NICUs has therefore become an important concern in healthcare, and an ongoing debate is the merit of open bays over closed bays. s. Changes in design have a direct impact on staff experience, and potentially staff behavior, which in turn can impact patient care.
Key Point Summary

The impact of ward design on the behaviour, occupational satisfaction and well-being of psychiatric nurses

Author(s): Tyson, G. A. , Lambert, G., Beattie, L.
Studies have shown that modifications to the physical environment of psychiatric institutions are associated with positive changes in patient behavior, attitudes and perceptions, but less attention has been paid to the impact of these changes on the nursing staff. 
Key Point Summary

A literature review of the effects of natural light on building occupants

Author(s): Edwards, L., Torcellini, P.

Teaching cultural competence in health care: A review of current concepts, policies and practices.

Author(s): American Institutes for Research

Technology available in nursing programs: implications for developing virtual end-of-life educational tools

Author(s): Wells, M.J., Wilkie, D.J., Brown, M.A., Corless, I.B., Farber, S.J., Judge, M.K., Shannon, S.E.

Immediate Benefits Realized Following Implementation of Physician Order Entry at an Academic Medical Center

Author(s): Mekhjian, H.S., Kumar, R.R., Kuehn, L., Bentley, T.D., Teater, P., Thomas, A., Payne, B., Ahmad, A.

Team Communications in the Operating Room: Talk Patterns, Sites of Tension, and Implications for Novices

Author(s): Lingard, L., Reznick, R., Espin, S., Regehr, G., DeVito, I.

Courage to heal: Comprehensive Cardiac Critical care

Author(s): Hendrich, A., Fay, J., Sorrells, A.