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Knowledge Repository

Courage to heal: Comprehensive Cardiac Critical care

Author(s): Hendrich, A., Fay, J., Sorrells, A.

Self-reported skin and respiratory symptoms related to latex exposure among 5,087 hospital employees in Norway

Author(s): Gro, H., Ågot, I., Allan, N., Tor, B.A., Erik, F., Kari Britt, O., Said, E., Jakob, N.

Reservoirs of MRSA in the acute hospital setting: a systematic review

Author(s): Griffiths, R., Fernandez, R., Halcomb, E.

The effect of plants and artificial daylight on the well being and health of office workers, school children and health care personnel.

Author(s): Fjeld, T.

The effectiveness of music as an intervention for hospital patients: a systematic review

Author(s): Evans, D.

Needs and trends in building and HVAC system design tools

Author(s): Ellis, M.W., Mathews, E.H.

Architectural design of a secure forensic state psychiatric hospital

Author(s): Dvoskin, J.A., Radomski, S.J., Bennett, C., Olin, J.A., Hawkins, R.L., Dotson, L.A., Drewnicky, I.N.

Surviving a stay in the hospital

Author(s): Dulong, J.

The hostile environment of the intensive care unit

Author(s): Donchin, Y., Seagull, F.J.

A tale of two countries: environmental impacts on social participation after spinal cord injury

Author(s): Dijkers, M., Yavuzer, G., Ergin, S., Weitzenkamp, D., Whiteneck, G.G.