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Knowledge Repository

Nosocomial Pneumonia in Pediatric Patients: practical problems and rational solutions

Author(s): Zar, H., Cotton, M.

Research on the Hosptial Environment of Pediatric Wards in Japan

Author(s): Yoshitaka, T., Yoji, I., Jun'ichi, O., Shinobu, W., Hidetochi, S., Toshikazu, N., Jun'ichiro, F., Asimasa, O., Hiroaki, T.

Patterns of Family Visiting With Institutionalized Elders The Case of Dementia

Author(s): Yamamoto-Mitani, N., Aneshensel, C.S., Levy-Storms, L.

Acceptability and impact of pet visitation on a pediatric cardiology inpatient unit

Author(s): Wu, A., Niedra, R., Penderqast, L., McCrindle, B.

Technology available in nursing programs: implications for developing virtual end-of-life educational tools

Author(s): Wells, M.J., Wilkie, D.J., Brown, M.A., Corless, I.B., Farber, S.J., Judge, M.K., Shannon, S.E.

Human factors error and patient monitoring

Author(s): Walsh, T., Beatty, P.C.

Evening light exposure: Implications for sleep and depression

Author(s): Wallace-Guy, G., Kripke, D., Jean-Louis, G., Langer, R., Elliott, J., Tuunainen, A.

Study views visiting patterns

Author(s): Vickery, K.

Thermal indoor climate building performance characterized by human comfort response

Author(s): van der Linden, K., Boerstra, A., Raue, A., Kurvers, S.

System innovation: Concord Hospital

Author(s): Uhlig, P., Brown, J., Nason, A., Camelio, A., Kendall, E.