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Knowledge Repository

An outbreak of Serratia marcescens infection in a special-care baby unit of a community hospital in United Arab Emirates: the importance of the air conditioner duct as a nosocomial reservoir

Author(s): Uduman, S.A., Farrukh, A.S., Nath, K.N., Zuhair, M.Y., Ifrah, A., Khawla, A.D., Sunita, P.

The Effect of Visual Stimulation via the Eyeglass Display and the Perception of Pain

Author(s): Tse, M.M.Y., Ng, J.K.F., Chung, J.W.Y., Wong, T.K.S.

The effect of visual stimuli on pain threshold and tolerance

Author(s): Tse, M.M., Ng, J.K., Chung, J.W., Wong, T.K.

The effect of burn nursing units on burn wound infections

Author(s): Thompson, J.T., Meredith, J.W., Molnar, J.A.

A determination of healthcare worker exposure to Mycobacterium tuberculosis in two Californian hospitals

Author(s): Sutton, P.M., Mossman, M., Reinisch, F., Harrison, R.J.

In with the good air

Author(s): Streifel, A.J.

A meta-analysis of the efficacy of music therapy for premature infants

Author(s): Standley, J.M.

The Ability of Hospital Ventilation Systems to Filter Aspergillus and Other Fungi fFllowing a Building Implosion.

Author(s): Srinivasan, A., Beck, C., Buckley, T., Geyh, A., Bova, G., Merz, W., Perl, T.M.

"Home" improvement. Comfort, safety and privacy emerge as the biggest considerations in hospital design and construction

Author(s): Solovy, A.

An outbreak of vancomycin-resistant enterococci associated with major ward refurbishment.

Author(s): Soe, J.A.T., Hall, J.M., Collyns, T.A., Witherden, I.R., Parnell, P., Woodrow, G., Kerr, K.G.