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Knowledge Repository

Architectural planning of children's hosptial wards from a point of view of play environment as assessed by children

Author(s): Naka, A., Senda, M., Tsuji, Y., Yata, T.

Patients' Satisfaction with Psychiatric Treatment: Comparison Between an Open and a Closed Ward

Author(s): Muller, M.J., SchlÃsser, R., Kapp-Steen, G., Schanz, B., Benkert, O.

Patient-Family-Nurse Interactions in the Trauma-Resuscitation Room

Author(s): Morse, J.M., Pooler, C.

Attitudes of pediatric medical ward staff to a dog visitation programme

Author(s): Moody, W., Maps, R., O'Rourke, S.

Toys are a potential source of cross-infection in general practitioners' waiting rooms

Author(s): Merriman, E., Corwin, P., Ikram, R.

Immediate Benefits Realized Following Implementation of Physician Order Entry at an Academic Medical Center

Author(s): Mekhjian, H.S., Kumar, R.R., Kuehn, L., Bentley, T.D., Teater, P., Thomas, A., Payne, B., Ahmad, A.

A comparison of behaviour in two differing psychiatric long-stay rehabilitation environments

Author(s): McGonagle, I.M., Allan, S.

Music Listening as a Nursing Intervention: A Symphony of Practice

Author(s): McCaffrey, R., Locsin, R.C.

Desiccant HVAC systems for commercial buildings

Author(s): Mazzei, P., Minichiello, F., Palma, D.

Organizational and environmental factors that affect worker health and safety and patient outcomes

Author(s): Lundstrom, T., Pugliese, G., Bartley, J., Cox, J., Guither, C.