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Knowledge Repository

Team Communications in the Operating Room: Talk Patterns, Sites of Tension, and Implications for Novices

Author(s): Lingard, L., Reznick, R., Espin, S., Regehr, G., DeVito, I.

Negative Effect of High pH on Biocidal Efficacy of Copper and Silver Ions in Controlling Legionella pneumophila

Author(s): Lin, Y.-s.E., Vidic, R.D., Stout, J.E., Yu, V.L.

Hazardous Air Pollutants and Asthma

Author(s): Leikauf, G.D.

Cancer Center Unit Redesigned to Create Healing Environment

Author(s): Krumm, S.

Fear and in-hospital social support for coronary artery bypass grafting patients on the day before surgery

Author(s): Koivula, M., Tarkka, M.T., Tarkka, M., Laippala, P., Paunonen-Ilmonen, M.

Social support and its relation to fear and anxiety in patients awaiting coronary artery bypass grafting

Author(s): Koivula, M., Paunonen-Ilmonen, M., Tarkka, M.T., Tarkka, M., Laippala, P.

Scenario-based FMEA using expected cost. A new perspective on evaluating risk in FMEA.

Author(s): Kmenta, S.

The Wheelchair Skills Test: A pilot study of a new outcome measure.

Author(s): Kirby, R.L., Swuste, J., Dupuis, D.J., MacLeod, D.A., Monroe, R.

Regional and seasonal variation in the length of hospital stay for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in Finland

Author(s): Kinnunen, T., Saynajakangs, O., Tuuponen, T., Keistinen, T.

Excessive noise levels in the neonatal ICU: Potential effects on auditory system development

Author(s): Kent, W.D., Tan, A.K., Clarke, M.C., Bardell, T.