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Knowledge Repository

Noise in the Intensive Care Nursery

Author(s): Kellman, N.

Recognition and prevention of hospital violence

Author(s): Keely, B.R.

Runoff rates, chemical speciation and bioavailability of copper released from naturally patinated copper

Author(s): Karlen, C., Wallinder, I. O., Heijerick, D., Leygraf, C.

Patient satisfaction with nursing care in the context of health care: a literature study

Author(s): Johansson, P., Oleni, M., Fridlund, B.

Falls among frail older people in residential care

Author(s): Jensen, J., Lundin-Olsson, L., Nyberg, L., Gustafson, Y.

The Experience of Dying: An Ethnographic Nursing Home Study

Author(s): Kayser-Jones, J..

The private adolescent: Privacy needs of adolescents in hospitals

Author(s): Hutton, A.

Operating theatre ventilation standards and the risk of postoperative infection

Author(s): Humphreys, H., Taylor, E.W.

The subjective response to linear fluorescent direct/indirect lighting systems

Author(s): Houser, K.W., Tiller, D.K., Bernecker, C.A., Mistrick, R.G.

Nosocomial Spread of Linezolid-Resistant, Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus faecium

Author(s): Herrero, I.A., Issa, N.C., Patel, R.