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Knowledge Repository

New Thinking on Older Adults' Physical Activity

Author(s): Sallis, J. F.

Interdisciplinary Health Care Teamwork in the Clinic Backstage

Author(s): Ellingson, L. L.

What Is Population Health?

Author(s): Kindig, D., Stoddart, G.

Radical systems change. Innovative strategies to improve patient satisfaction.

Author(s): Rave, N., Geyer, M., Reeder, B., Ernst, J., Goldberg, L., Barnard, C.

Can we help persons with dementia find their way in a new environment?

Author(s): McGilton, K. S., Rivera, T. M., Dawson, P.

Low Frequency of Fires From Alcohol‐Based Hand Rub Dispensers in Healthcare Facilities •

Author(s): Boyce, J. M., Pearson, M. L.

Environmental Designs for Reading from Imaging Workstations: Ergonomic and Architectural Features

Author(s): Horii, S. C., Horii, H. N., Mun, S. K., Benson, H. R., Zeman, R. K.

A New Model for Emergency Care of Geriatric Patients

Author(s): Adams, J. G., Gerson, L. W.

Fall and injury prevention in residential care: effects in residents with higher and lower levels of cognition.

Author(s): Jensen, J., Nyberg, L., Gustafson, Y., Lundin-Olsson, L.
The prevention of falls and injuries in older people with cognitive impairment is an important concern in public health. It is of vital interest to investigate whether older people with significant cognitive impairment would benefit from fall prevention strategies.
Key Point Summary

Influence of Role Models and Hospital Design on the Hand Hygiene of Health-Care Workers

Author(s): Lankford, M. G., Zembower, T. R., Trick, W. E., Hacek, D. M., Noskin, G. A., Peterson, L. R.
One of the key components for limiting spread of healthcare–associated infectious disease is the practice of adequate infection control. A cornerstone of infection control is ensuring that healthcare workers wash their hands at appropriate times. Some reports suggest that role models, group behavior, and the level of managerial support influence reported levels of compliance. However, few studies have prospectively evaluated the association between hand-hygiene compliance and building design.
Key Point Summary