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Knowledge Repository

Incidents relating to the intra-hospital transfer of critically ill patients

Author(s): Beckmann, U., Gillies, D. M., Berenholtz, S. M., Wu, A. W., Pronovost, P.
Transportation of critically ill patients between hospitals can increase complications. Intrahospital transportation poses many of the same risks. Examining these incidents could uncover ways to improve patient safety during transportation. 
Key Point Summary

Wayfinding in an Unfamiliar Environment: Different Spatial Settings of Two Polyclinics

Author(s): Baskaya, A., Wilson, C., Ozcan, Y. Z.
People in healthcare facilities should be able to find their way easily through the structure. If they can’t, they experience stress. Symmetrical layouts, in which spaces with particular functions, for example waiting areas for a certain clinic, are distinguished in some way from other similar spaces, through the use of a landmark such as a particular color on the walls, are an effective design for a healthcare facility because they support accurate navigation through the building.
Key Point Summary