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Knowledge Repository

A magical dream: A pilot project in animal-assisted therapy in pediatric oncology

Author(s): Bouchard, F., Landry, M., Belles-Isles, M., Gagnon, J.

Acquisition of nosocomial pathogens on hands after contact with environmental surfaces near hospitalized patients

Author(s): Bhalla, A., Pultz, N.J., Gries, D.M., Ray, A.J., Eckstein, E.C., Aron, D.C., Donskey, C.J.

An educational intervention to reduce ventilator-associated pneumonia in an integrated health system - A comparison of effects

Author(s): Babcock, H.M., Zack, J.E., Garrison, T., Trovillion, E., Jones, M., Fraser, V.J., Kollef, M.H.

Energy 101: Ten ways to reduce facility energy costs or whtat to look at first

Author(s): Niehus, T.

Down with bedrails?

Author(s): O'Keefe

Brominated flame retardants: cause for concern?

Author(s): Birnbaum, L., Staskal, D.

Comparison of TFT-LCD and CRT on visual recognition and subjective preference

Author(s): Chen, M.-T., Lin, C.-C.

Guidelines for environmental infection control in healthcare facilities. Recommendations from CDC and the Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee (HICPAC)

Author(s): Sehulster, L., Chinn, R.Y., Arduino, M., Carpenter, J., Donlan, R., Ashford, D.

Evidence for implementing nonpharmacological interventions for wandering

Author(s): Siders, C., Nelson, A., Brown, L.M., Joseph, I., Algase, D., Beattie, E., Verbosky-Cadena, S.

Bright light therapy in seasonal affective disorder - does it suffice?

Author(s): Pjrek, E., Winkler, D., Stastny, J., Konstantinidis, A., Heiden, A., Kasper, S.