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Knowledge Repository

Effects of Acuity-Adaptable Rooms on Flow of Patients and Delivery of Care

Author(s): Hendrich, A. L., Fay, J., Sorrells, A.
Acuity-adaptable rooms could reduce patient transfer times, decrease costs, and increase patient quality of care and satisfaction. Researchers conducted a pre/post study in an acute care setting to evaluate the impact of moving to acuity-adaptable rooms on patient flow, hospital capacity, patient and staff satisfaction, sentinel events, average length of stay, and nursing productivity.
Key Point Summary

Simple Additions to the Pharmacy Waiting Area May Increase Patient Satisfaction

Author(s): Cheng, C.
Simple changes to pharmacy waiting areas, such as hanging posters related to the prescription filling process, are linked to patient satisfaction with a pharmacy.
Key Point Summary

Are Pediatric Practice Settings Adolescent Friendly? An Exploration of Attitudes and Preferences

Author(s): Tivorsak, T., Britto, M., Klostermann, B., Nebrig, D., Slap, G.
Adolescents would like the treatment settings they experience to be designed to reflect their design preferences. This is a comprehensive, early study clearly delineating the details of those preferred environments.
Key Point Summary

A Pilot and Feasibility Study of Virtual Reality as a Distraction for Children With Cancer

Author(s): Gershon, J., Zimand, E., Pickering, M., Rothbaum, B.O., Hodges, L.

Sensory approaches in inpatient psychiatric settings: innovative alternatives to seclusion & restraint

Author(s): Champagne, T., Stromberg, N.

Noise exposure during noninvasive ventilation with a helmet, a nasal mask, and a facial mask

Author(s): Cavaliere, F., Conti, G., Costa, R., Proietti, R., Sciuto, A., Masieri, S.

Minimizing the use of restrictive devices in dementia patients at risk for falling

Author(s): Capezuti, E.

Urinary tract infections among the institutionalized older adult

Author(s): Blais, D.

The effectiveness of wireless telephone communication technology on ambient noise level reduction within the ED

Author(s): Baevsky, R.H., Lu, M.Y., Smithline, H.A.

An educational intervention to reduce ventilator-associated pneumonia in an integrated health system - A comparison of effects

Author(s): Babcock, H.M., Zack, J.E., Garrison, T., Trovillion, E., Jones, M., Fraser, V.J., Kollef, M.H.