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Knowledge Repository

Facility profile. Creating a Planetree inpatient psychiatric unit

Author(s): Tirlington, R.G.

Caring for the orthopaedic patient who is obese

Author(s): Taggart, H.M., Mincer, A.B., Thompson, A.W.

Evidence for implementing nonpharmacological interventions for wandering

Author(s): Siders, C., Nelson, A., Brown, L.M., Joseph, I., Algase, D., Beattie, E., Verbosky-Cadena, S.

Virtual Reality as a Distraction Intervention for Women Receiving Chemotherapy

Author(s): Schneider, S.M., Prince-Paul, M., Allen, M.J., Silverman, P., Talaba, D.

Designing with health in mind. Innovative design elements can make hospitals safer, more healing places

Author(s): Sadler, B.L.

Best practices and safety issues in the ICU

Author(s): Runy, L.A.

A Review of Latex Sensitivity Related to the Use of Latex Gloves in Hospitals

Author(s): Lopes, RA. , Benatti, MC. , Zollner, R.

Guidelines and levels of care for pediatric intensive care units

Author(s): Rosenberg, D.I., Moss, M.M.

Developing a Computer Game to Prepare Children for Surgery

Author(s): Rassin, M., Gutman, Y., Silner, D.

Bright light therapy in seasonal affective disorder - does it suffice?

Author(s): Pjrek, E., Winkler, D., Stastny, J., Konstantinidis, A., Heiden, A., Kasper, S.