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Knowledge Repository

Sleep in the intensive care unit

Author(s): Parthasarathy, S., Tobin, M.J.

Down with bedrails?

Author(s): O'Keefe

Energy 101: Ten ways to reduce facility energy costs or whtat to look at first

Author(s): Niehus, T.

Technology to promote safe mobility in the elderly

Author(s): Nelson, A., Powell-Cope, G., Gavin-Dreschnack, D., Quigley, P., Bulat, T., Baptiste, A.S., Applegarth, S., Friedman, Y.

Tomorrow's Patient Room

Author(s): Moore, M.

Physicians’ Use Of Electronic Medical Records: Barriers And Solutions

Author(s): Miller, R.H., Sim, I.

Evidence-Based Nursing Practice to Prevent Infection in Hospitalized Neutropenic Patients With Cancer

Author(s): Larson, E., Nirenberg, A.

Hand Hygiene Practices in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: A Multimodal Intervention and Impact on Nosocomial Infection

Author(s): Lam, B., Lee, J., Lau, Y.L.

Prevention of hospital-associated pneumonia and ventilator-associated pneumonia

Author(s): Kollef, M.H.

Noise in neonatology, the impact of hospital staff

Author(s): Jonckheer, P., Robert, M., Aubry, J.C., De Brouwer, C.