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Knowledge Repository

Predicting Anxiety in Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scans

Author(s): Harris, L.M., Cumming, S.R., Menzies, R.G.

Influence of coronary intensive care acoustics on the physiological states and quality of care of patients

Author(s): Hagerman, I., Theorell, T., Ulrich, R.S., Blomkvist, V., Eriksen, C.A., Rasmanis, G.

Recessed downlights: a new take on an old standby

Author(s): Gordon, K.L., McCullough, J.J.

A Pilot and Feasibility Study of Virtual Reality as a Distraction for Children With Cancer

Author(s): Gershon, J., Zimand, E., Pickering, M., Rothbaum, B.O., Hodges, L.

Ergonomic evaluation of the work area of the scrub nurse

Author(s): Gerbrands, A., Albayrak, A., Kazemier, G.

Rapid creation of a temporary isolation ward for patients with severe acute respiratory syndrome in Taiwan

Author(s): Fung, C., Hsieh, T., Tan, K., Loh, C., Wu, J., Li, C., Chang, F., Siu, L.K., Yen, M., Wang, L., Wong, W., Kao, W., Hsu, J., Lin, T., Huang, F., Lee, C.

Non-incineration medical waste treatment technologies in Europe

Author(s): Emmanual, J.., Hrdinka, C., Gluszynski, P.

Does the architecture of hospital facilities influence nosocomial infection rates? A systematic review

Author(s): Dettenkofer, M., Seegers, S., Antes, G., Motschall, E., Schumacher, M., Daschner, F.D.

Comparison of TFT-LCD and CRT on visual recognition and subjective preference

Author(s): Chen, M.-T., Lin, C.-C.

Sensory approaches in inpatient psychiatric settings: innovative alternatives to seclusion & restraint

Author(s): Champagne, T., Stromberg, N.