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Knowledge Repository

Evidence-based design for infants and staff in the neonatal intensive care unit

Author(s): Shepley, M. M.
There has been a marked increase in evidence-based studies relating to neonatal intensive care units in pediatric healthcare literature. While it is acknowledged that clinical, operational, and social dimensions play the most significant role in healing, the physical environment has also been universally identified as a critical factor. Conscientious architects are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of design decisions on the sensory environment of the neonatal intensive care unit.
Key Point Summary

Interventions for the prevention of falls in older adults: systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials

Author(s): Chang, J.T., Morton, S.C, Rubenstein, L. Z., Mojica, W.A., Maglione, M., Suttorp, M.J., Shekelle, P. G.
Falls are a major health concern for older adults worldwide, not only because of the potential for fractures and head injuries, but also for the emotional toll—the fear and anxiety—that can develop as a result of an injury or close call. While the literature on fall interventions is vast, there is limited understanding about the best methods for preventing falls. The authors conducted an extensive review and analysis of relevant, rigorous research trials to assess the relative effectiveness of different types of fall interventions. Under comparison were falls risk assessment and management programs, exercise programs, environmental modification programs, and educational interventions.
Key Point Summary

The Role of the Physical Environment in the Hospital of the 21st Century: A Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

Author(s): Ulrich, R.P., Quan, X., Zimring, C.P., Joseph, A., Choudhary, R.

Healthy Lighting for the Visual, Circadian and Perceptual Systems

Author(s): Simeonova, M.

Lighting design in the neonatal intensive care unit: practical applications of scientific principles

Author(s): White, R.D.

Cutting edge retrofitting, relighting, and redesigning

Author(s): Walerczyk, S.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy, light therapy, and their combination in treating seasonal affective disorder

Author(s): Rohan, K.J., Lindsey, K.T., Roecklein, K.A., Lacy, T.J.

Bright light therapy in seasonal affective disorder - does it suffice?

Author(s): Pjrek, E., Winkler, D., Stastny, J., Konstantinidis, A., Heiden, A., Kasper, S.

Energy 101: Ten ways to reduce facility energy costs or whtat to look at first

Author(s): Niehus, T.

Tomorrow's Patient Room

Author(s): Moore, M.