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Knowledge Repository

Inactivation of fungi in vitro by photosensitization: Preliminary results

Author(s): Luksiene, Z., Peciulyte, D., Lugauskas, A.

Recessed downlights: a new take on an old standby

Author(s): Gordon, K.L., McCullough, J.J.

Randomized clinical trial of bright light therapy for antepartum depression: Preliminary findings

Author(s): Epperson, C.N., Terman, M., Terman, J.S., Hanusa, B.H., Oren, D.A., Peindl, K.S., Wisner, K.L.

Comparison of TFT-LCD and CRT on visual recognition and subjective preference

Author(s): Chen, M.-T., Lin, C.-C.

Bright light therapy for winter depression - Is phase advancing beneficial?

Author(s): Burgess, H.J., Fogg, L.F., Young, M.A., Eastman, C.I.

Healing environments: for patients and providers

Author(s): Altimier, L.B.