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Knowledge Repository

Wound ventilation with ultraclean air for prevention of direct airborne contamination during surgery

Author(s): Persson, M., van der Linden, J.

The use of single patient rooms versus multiple occupancy rooms in acute care environments

Author(s): Chaudhury, H, Mahmood, A , Valente, M

The Role of the Physical Environment in the Hospital of the 21st Century: A Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

Author(s): Ulrich, R.P., Quan, X., Zimring, C.P., Joseph, A., Choudhary, R.

Guideline for hand hygiene in healthcare settings

Author(s): Weinstein, R.A., Siegel, J.D., Pearson, M.L., Chinn, R.Y.W., DeMaria, A., Larson, E.L., Lee, J.T., Rutala, W.A., Scheckler, W.E., Underwood, M.A., Boyce, J.M., Farr, B.M., Jarvis, W.R., McGuckin, M., O'Boyle, C., Pittet, D., Siegel, J.D., Widmer, A.F., Zeller, J., Stover, B.H.

Polymerase chain reaction used for the detection of airborne Mycobacterium tuberculosis in health care settings

Author(s): Wan, G.H., Lu, S.C., Tsai, Y.H.

The effect of moving to a new hospital facility on the prevalence of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Author(s): Vietri, N.J., Dooley, D.P., Davis, C.E., Jr., Longfield, J.N., Meier, P.A., Whelen, A.C.

RSV outbreak in a paediatric intensive care unit

Author(s): Thorburn, K., Kerr, S., Taylor, N., van Saene, H.

Designing with health in mind. Innovative design elements can make hospitals safer, more healing places

Author(s): Sadler, B.L.

Containment testing of isolation rooms

Author(s): Rydock, J.P., Eian, P.K.

Clinical. The impact of environmental cleanliness on infection rates

Author(s): Patel, S.