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Knowledge Repository

Sensory approaches in inpatient psychiatric settings: innovative alternatives to seclusion & restraint

Author(s): Champagne, T., Stromberg, N.

Minimizing the use of restrictive devices in dementia patients at risk for falling

Author(s): Capezuti, E.

Urinary tract infections among the institutionalized older adult

Author(s): Blais, D.

The effectiveness of wireless telephone communication technology on ambient noise level reduction within the ED

Author(s): Baevsky, R.H., Lu, M.Y., Smithline, H.A.

An educational intervention to reduce ventilator-associated pneumonia in an integrated health system - A comparison of effects

Author(s): Babcock, H.M., Zack, J.E., Garrison, T., Trovillion, E., Jones, M., Fraser, V.J., Kollef, M.H.