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Knowledge Repository

Effect of exposure to volatile organic compounds on plasma levels of neuropeptides, nerve growth factor and histamine in patients with self-reported multiple chemical sensitivty

Author(s): Kimata, H.

Attitudes and expectations about music therapy for premature infants among staff in a neonatal intensive care unit

Author(s): Kemper, K.J., Martin, K., Block, S.M., Shoaf, R., Woods, C.

Designing the neonatal intensive care unit for optimal family involvement

Author(s): Johnson, B.H., Abraham, M.R., Parrish, R.N.

Transforming care at the bedside

Author(s): Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Effect of music on vital signs and postoperative pain

Author(s): Ikonomidou, E., Rehnström, A., Naesh, O.

The relationship between daytime exposure to light and night-time sleep in 6-12-week-old infants

Author(s): Harrison, Y.

Predicting Anxiety in Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scans

Author(s): Harris, L.M., Cumming, S.R., Menzies, R.G.

Influence of coronary intensive care acoustics on the physiological states and quality of care of patients

Author(s): Hagerman, I., Theorell, T., Ulrich, R.S., Blomkvist, V., Eriksen, C.A., Rasmanis, G.

Effect of new unit design on noise quality and sleep

Author(s): Gibson, S.

Toward an Optimal Healing Environment in Pediatric Rehabilitation

Author(s): Geller, G., Warren, L.R.