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Knowledge Repository

Rapid creation of a temporary isolation ward for patients with severe acute respiratory syndrome in Taiwan

Author(s): Fung, C., Hsieh, T., Tan, K., Loh, C., Wu, J., Li, C., Chang, F., Siu, L.K., Yen, M., Wang, L., Wong, W., Kao, W., Hsu, J., Lin, T., Huang, F., Lee, C.

The Spa as a Model of an Optimal Healing Environment

Author(s): Frost, G.J.

Re-thinking family-centered care across the continuum of children's healthcare

Author(s): Franck, L., Callery, P.

Randomized clinical trial of bright light therapy for antepartum depression: Preliminary findings

Author(s): Epperson, C.N., Terman, M., Terman, J.S., Hanusa, B.H., Oren, D.A., Peindl, K.S., Wisner, K.L.

The Acute Stroke Unit at Middlemore Hospital: an evaluation in its first year of operation

Author(s): Di Matteo, M., Anderson, C., Ratnasabapathy, Y., Green, G., Tryon, K.

The Ronald McDonald House as an Alternative to Antepartum Hospitalization

Author(s): Dexter, S., Klein, K., Clark, D., Ross, S., Veille, J.

Quiet! hospital zone

Author(s): Conti, C.R.

Evidence-based design could help quality of care


Noise Control: A Nursing Team’s Approach to Sleep Promotion: Respecting the silence creates a healthier environment for your patients.

Author(s): Cmiel, C.A., Karr, D.M., Gasser, D.M., Oliphant, L.M., Neveau, A.J.

Sensory approaches in inpatient psychiatric settings: innovative alternatives to seclusion & restraint

Author(s): Champagne, T., Stromberg, N.