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Knowledge Repository

Harmonic sounds: complementary medicine for the critically ill

Author(s): Cardozo, M.

Minimizing the use of restrictive devices in dementia patients at risk for falling

Author(s): Capezuti, E.

Noise and muscle contraction affecting vigilance task performance

Author(s): Button, D.C., Behm, D.G., Holmes, M., Mackinnon, S.N.

Bright light therapy for winter depression - Is phase advancing beneficial?

Author(s): Burgess, H.J., Fogg, L.F., Young, M.A., Eastman, C.I.

Wandering: safe walking for a challenging purposeful behavior

Author(s): Buchanan, D., Minor, P.

A magical dream: A pilot project in animal-assisted therapy in pediatric oncology

Author(s): Bouchard, F., Landry, M., Belles-Isles, M., Gagnon, J.

Urinary tract infections among the institutionalized older adult

Author(s): Blais, D.

Brominated flame retardants: cause for concern?

Author(s): Birnbaum, L., Staskal, D.

The Business Case for Better Buildings

Author(s): Berry, L., Parker, D., Coile, R., Hamilton, D.K., O'Neill, D., Sadler, B.

Personal Preferences Regarding Family Member Presence during Resuscitation

Author(s): Benjamin, M., Holger, J., Carr, M.