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Knowledge Repository

Preventing Harm from Phthalates, Avoiding PVC in Hospitals

Author(s): Ruzickova, K., Cobbing, M.,, Rossi, M. , Belazzi, T.

Integrating the Environment, the Economy, and Community Health: A Community Health Center's Initiative to Link Health Benefits to Smart Growth

Author(s): McAvoy, P.V. , Driscoll, M. B., Gramling, B.J.

Energy 101: Ten ways to reduce facility energy costs or whtat to look at first

Author(s): Niehus, T.

Recessed downlights: a new take on an old standby

Author(s): Gordon, K.L., McCullough, J.J.

Non-incineration medical waste treatment technologies in Europe

Author(s): Emmanual, J.., Hrdinka, C., Gluszynski, P.