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Knowledge Repository

Implementing effective infection control in the hospital environment

Author(s): Wiseman, S.

First, do no harm: the impact of the practice environment on patient safety

Author(s): Winslow, W.

Lighting design in the neonatal intensive care unit: practical applications of scientific principles

Author(s): White, R.D.

Handwashing in healthcare workers: accessibility of sink location does not improve compliance

Author(s): Whitby, M., McLaws, M.L.

Recommendations and guidelines regarding the preferred research protocol for investigating the impact of an optimal healing environment on patients with hypertension

Author(s): Wesa, K.M., Grimm, R.H., Jr.

The Role of Spatial Reference Frames in Architecture - Misalignment Impairs Way-Finding Performance

Author(s): Werner, S., Schindler, L.E.

Guideline for hand hygiene in healthcare settings

Author(s): Weinstein, R.A., Siegel, J.D., Pearson, M.L., Chinn, R.Y.W., DeMaria, A., Larson, E.L., Lee, J.T., Rutala, W.A., Scheckler, W.E., Underwood, M.A., Boyce, J.M., Farr, B.M., Jarvis, W.R., McGuckin, M., O'Boyle, C., Pittet, D., Siegel, J.D., Widmer, A.F., Zeller, J., Stover, B.H.

Developing a unit-specific falls reduction program

Author(s): Ward, A., Candela, L., Mahoney, J.

Polymerase chain reaction used for the detection of airborne Mycobacterium tuberculosis in health care settings

Author(s): Wan, G.H., Lu, S.C., Tsai, Y.H.

Infection and disease transmission in the athletic training setting

Author(s): Walsh, K., Raedeke, S.G.