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Knowledge Repository

Promoting a safe environment for confused older people at risk from falling in hospital

Author(s): Walker, W.

Cutting edge retrofitting, relighting, and redesigning

Author(s): Walerczyk, S.

When do elderly in-hospital patients fall?

Author(s): von Renteln-Kruse, W., Krause, T.

The effect of moving to a new hospital facility on the prevalence of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Author(s): Vietri, N.J., Dooley, D.P., Davis, C.E., Jr., Longfield, J.N., Meier, P.A., Whelen, A.C.

An Evaluation of the Built Environment at Children's Convalescent Hospital, San Diego

Author(s): Varni, J., Burwinkle, T., Dickinson, P., Dixon, P., Ervice, J.A., Leyden, P., Kurtin, P., Sadler, B.

Discomfort and factual recollection in intensive care unit patients

Author(s): van de Leur, J.P., van der Schans, C.P., Loef, B.G., Deelman, B.G., Geertzen, J.H.B., Zwaveling, J.H.

Evidence-based hospital design improves health care outcomes: patients, families, and staff can benefit from improved design

Author(s): Rollins, J. A.

Behavioural and physiological reactivity to noise in the newborn

Author(s): Trapanotto, M., Benini, F., Farina, M., Gobber, D., Magnavita, V., Zacchello, F.

Language and spatial cognition: Comparing the roles of landmarks and street names in route instructions

Author(s): Tom, A., Denis, M.

Facility profile. Creating a Planetree inpatient psychiatric unit

Author(s): Tirlington, R.G.