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Knowledge Repository

Specially selected music in the cardiac laboratory-an important tool for improvement of the wellbeing of patients

Author(s): Thorgaard, B., Henriksen, B.B.n., Pedersbaek, G., Thomsen, I.

RSV outbreak in a paediatric intensive care unit

Author(s): Thorburn, K., Kerr, S., Taylor, N., van Saene, H.

Smart hydronics for the elevator future

Author(s): Thoeny, C.E.

Healing Is Who We Are … and Who Are We?

Author(s): Taylor, M., Keighron, K.

Fungal endophthalmitis caused by Paecilomyces variotii following cataract surgery: a presumed operating room air-conditioning system contamination

Author(s): Tarkkanen, A., Raivio, V., Anttila, V.J., Tommila, P., Ralli, R., Merenmies, L., Immonen, I.

Caring for the orthopaedic patient who is obese

Author(s): Taggart, H.M., Mincer, A.B., Thompson, A.W.

Is it safe to treat allogeneic stem cell transplanted recipients at home during the pancytopenic phase?

Author(s): Svahn, B.M., Bjurman, B., Myrback, K.E., Aschan, J., Ringden, O.

Examining how workspace affects patient safety

Author(s): specified, A.n.n.

Infection control during construction

Author(s): Center for Healthcare Environmental Management.; ECRI (Organization)

Horticultural therapy: The 'healing garden' and gardening in rehabilitation measures at Danderyd hospital rehabilitation clinic, Sweden

Author(s): Soderback, I., Soderstrom, M., Schalander, E.