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Knowledge Repository

Perception of stressors by patients and nurses of critical care units in Hong Kong

Author(s): So, H.M., Chan, D.S.K.

Cultural Differences in Access to Care

Author(s): Snowden, L., Yamada, A.

Adolescent units-an evidence-based approach to quality nursing in adolescent care

Author(s): Smith, S.

The Cycle of Caring

Author(s): Simons, M.

Optimal Healing Environments in End-of-Life Care and Beyond

Author(s): Silver, S.

Evidence for implementing nonpharmacological interventions for wandering

Author(s): Siders, C., Nelson, A., Brown, L.M., Joseph, I., Algase, D., Beattie, E., Verbosky-Cadena, S.

The importance of sleep for patients must not be forgotten

Author(s): Scott, H.

Healing Spaces: Elements of Environmental Design That Make an Impact on Health

Author(s): Schweitzer, M., Gilpin, L., Frampton, S.

Virtual Reality as a Distraction Intervention for Women Receiving Chemotherapy

Author(s): Schneider, S.M., Prince-Paul, M., Allen, M.J., Silverman, P., Talaba, D.

Mindfulness and Healing Intention: Concepts, Practice, and Research Evaluation

Author(s): Schmidt, S.