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Knowledge Repository

Practical measures to ensure health and safety in theatres

Author(s): Saunders, S.

Active transportation and physical activity: opportunities for collaboration on transportation and public health research

Author(s): Sallis, J.F., Frank, L.D., Saelens, B.E., Kraft, M.K.

Designing with health in mind. Innovative design elements can make hospitals safer, more healing places

Author(s): Sadler, B.L.

Containment testing of isolation rooms

Author(s): Rydock, J.P., Eian, P.K.

The benefits of surface disinfection

Author(s): Rutala, W.A., Weber, D.J.

Cancer care at the Sunstone Healing Center

Author(s): Russell, M.

Best practices and safety issues in the ICU

Author(s): Runy, L.A.

Promoting a healing environment: quiet time in the intensive care unit

Author(s): Ruggiero, C., Dziedzic, L.

Effects of proprioceptive feedback and environmental characteristics on spatial learning in virtual environments

Author(s): Ruddle, R.A., Peruch, P.

Reading rooms should be designed to accommodate future changes

Author(s): Rostenberg, B.