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Knowledge Repository

A Review of Latex Sensitivity Related to the Use of Latex Gloves in Hospitals

Author(s): Lopes, RA. , Benatti, MC. , Zollner, R.

Guidelines and levels of care for pediatric intensive care units

Author(s): Rosenberg, D.I., Moss, M.M.

Use of a portable forced air system to convert existing hospital space into a mass casualty isolation area

Author(s): Rosenbaum, R.A., Benyo, J.S., O'Connor, R.E., Passarello, B.A., Williams, D.R., Humphrey, B.D., Ross, R.W., Berry, J.M., Krebs, J.G.

Going solo. Private-rooms-only provision for new hospital construction stirs controversy

Author(s): Romano, M.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy, light therapy, and their combination in treating seasonal affective disorder

Author(s): Rohan, K.J., Lindsey, K.T., Roecklein, K.A., Lacy, T.J.

Facility design focused on patient safety

Author(s): Reiling, J.

Developing a Computer Game to Prepare Children for Surgery

Author(s): Rassin, M., Gutman, Y., Silner, D.

Coronary artery bypass grafting: social support for patients and their significant others

Author(s): Rantanen, A., Kaunonen, M., Astedt-Kurki, P., Tarkka, M.T.

What environmental factors irritate people with acquired brain injury?

Author(s): Pryor, J.

Intensive care nurses' experiences of assessing and dealing with patients' psychological needs

Author(s): Price, A.M.