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Knowledge Repository

Telemedicine room design

Author(s): Major, J.

Incidence and Consequence of Falls in Inpatient Rehabilitation of Stroke Patients

Author(s): Suzuki, T., Sonoda, S., Misawa, K., Saitoh, E., Shimizu, Y., Kotake, T.

The health effects of waste incinerators

Author(s): Thompson, J., Anthony, H.

Deliberate Perioperative Systems Design Improves Operating Room Throughput

Author(s): Sandberg, W. S., Daily, B., Egan, M., Stahl, J. E., Goldman, J. M., Wiklund, R. A., Rattner, D.
Operating rooms (ORs) are complex and sensitive environments that are typically expensive to operate and maintain. Minimally invasive surgical procedures are becoming increasingly more prevalent in many OR environments, while the costs of operating and maintaining OR environments are simultaneously increasing. 
Key Point Summary

Enhancing the therapeutic potential of hospital environments by increasing the personal control and emotional comfort of hospitalized patients

Author(s): Williams, A. M., Irurita, V. F.

Prevention and control of health care-associated waterborne infections in health care facilities

Author(s): Exner, M., Kramer, A., Lajoie, L., Gebel, J., Engelhart, S., Hartemann, P.

Artifacts and collaborative work in healthcare: methodological, theoretical, and technological implications of the tangible

Author(s): Xiao, Y.

Dimensions of quality in long-term care facilities in Taiwan

Author(s): Chao, S. Y., Roth, P.

Infection control: the environment and service organisation

Author(s): Gould, Dinah J

Does patient-centered design guarantee patient safety?: Using human factors engineering to find a balance between provider and patient needs

Author(s): France, D. J., Throop, P., Walczyk, B., Allen, L., Parekh, A. D., Parsons, A., Rickard, D., Deshpande, J. K.
According to the authors, “human factors engineering is the study of human beings and their interaction with products, environment, and equipment”, and that over the years it has evolved from systems- centered to user-centered to socially-centered care. 
Key Point Summary