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Knowledge Repository

Lighting for people with dementia

Author(s): Torrington, J. M., Tregenza, P. R.

Operationalizing Environmental Indicators for Physical Activity in Older Adults

Author(s): Strath, S., Isaacs, R., Greenwald, M. J.

Hospital outpatient perceptions of the physical environment of waiting areas: the role of patient characteristics on atmospherics in one academic medical center

Author(s): Tsai, C. Y., Wang, M. C., Liao, W. T., Lu, J. H., Sun, P. H., Lin, B. Y., Breen, G. M.

Therapeutic Landscapes in Hospital Design: A Qualitative Assessment by Staff and Service Users of the Design of a New Mental Health Inpatient Unit

Author(s): Curtis, S., Gesler, W., Fabian, K., Francis, S., Priebe, S.

Physical Environments of Assisted Living: Research Needs and Challenges

Author(s): Cutler, L. J.

Medical Complications of Intra-Hospital Patient Transports: Implications for Architectural Design and Research

Author(s): Ulrich, R., Zhu, X.
The transportation of patients inside a hospital, or intra-hospital transit (IHT), has received little attention in literature relating to hospital design despite having a negative impact. The layout and design can negatively affect travel distance and time, which can be reflected in patient complications and health outcomes.
Key Point Summary

Centralized and Decentralized Nurse Station Design: An Examination of Caregiver Communication, Work Activities, and Technology

Author(s): Gurascio-Howard, L., Malloch, K.
Patients need to be close to a nurse (RN) for easy access to care and to save travel time. Centralized nurse stations are placed in one location to serve a group of patient rooms. 
Key Point Summary

Nursing Unit Design and Communication Patterns: What Is “Real” Work?

Author(s): Becker, F.
With billions of dollars spent each year on new hospital construction and an ever-growing shortage of nurses, more attention is being paid to the way in which design of new facilities and, more specifically, nursing units might better support nurse recruitment, their work process, and retention. There is growing concern about the quality of hospital environments and the impact on staff, which inherently impacts quality of care.
Key Point Summary

An exploratory study into the factors that influence patients' perceptions of cleanliness in an acute NHS trust hospital

Author(s): Whitehead, H., May, D., Agahi, H.

Evaluating quality of life in residential care buildings

Author(s): Torrington, J.