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Knowledge Repository

Affective design of waiting areas in primary healthcare

Author(s): Ayas, E., Eklund, J., Ishihara, S.

Servicescape: Physical environment of hospital pharmacies and hospital pharmacists’ work outcomes

Author(s): Lin, B.Y.-J., Leu, W.-J., Breen, G.-M., Lin, W.-H.
Researchers have studied the healthcare work environment from a number of angles, from an organizational behavior perspective honing in on motivation and reward, to an occupational and environmental perspective concerned with comfort and ergonomics, to a pathogenic perspective interested in exposure to disease. The idea of a “servicescape” has arisen in healthcare marketing to investigate the impact of the physical environment of service settings on employees’ psychological states and perceptions.
Key Point Summary

Sound Spectral Analysis in the Intensive Care Nursery: Measuring High-Frequency Sound

Author(s): Kellam, B., Bhatia, J.
Little is known about how high-frequency, prolonged intense noise effects auditory development in preterm infants. However, some research indicates that premature infants who are exposed to persistent noise might experience some interference with their development of frequency discrimination and problems with sound-pattern recognition.
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Sleep and the sleep environment of older adults in acute care settings

Author(s): Missildine, K.
Not every patient has difficulty sleeping in an acute care setting, but it is common. Environmental factors, such as light and noise, can interfere with sleep, further compromising an existing sleep problem. Environmental light, considered a primary cue for setting the internal clock and maintaining normal day/night rhythms, is often different in acute care settings compared to home and may affect sleep. 
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Environmental Noise Sources and Interventions to Minimize Them: A Tale of Two Hospitals

Author(s): Dube, J. A. O., Barth, M. M., Cmiel, C. A. , Cutshall, S. M. , Olson, S. M., Sulla, S. J., Nesbitt, J. C. , Sobczak, S. C., Holland, D. E.
Delivering patient care in a hospital is noisy. Yet research shows that noise interferes with the healing process and can disrupt the patient’s experience. Higher noise levels are linked to stress reaction; sleep disturbance; and increased heart rate, blood pressure, and muscle tension, creating an overarching issue that touches multiple disciplines and departments in the hospital. 
Key Point Summary

Randomized controlled trial investigating the effect of music on the virtual reality laparoscopic learning performance of novice surgeons

Author(s): Miskovic, D., Rosenthal, R., Zingg, U., Oertli, D., Metzger, U., Jancke, L.
The acoustic environment in operating rooms has significant impact on the performance of surgeons, anesthetists, and other staff who need high cognitive attention on the tasks they are performing. Music is often played in operating rooms during surgical procedures even though mixed results have been reported from research around music’s effects on healthcare work performance. Research from other settings showed that certain type of music might help improve human cognition.
Key Point Summary

Cancer Patients' Satisfaction With Care in Traditional and Innovative Ambulatory Oncology Clinics

Author(s): Groff, S. L., Carlson, L. E., Tsang, K., Potter, B. J.
Recent advances in cancer care allow more cancer patients to be treated on an ambulatory care basis, whether chemotherapy, radiation therapy or follow-up care. Care can include physical, psychological, and emotional challenges. Ambulatory oncology clinics have the opportunity to create positive treatment experiences for patients. 
Key Point Summary

Building the evidence base for evidence-based design: Editors' introduction

Author(s): Zimring, C., Bosch, S.

Clevland Clinic's New Look More Than Just A Pretty Face

Author(s): Spector, H.

Music listening: its effects in creating a healing environment

Author(s): McCaffrey, R.