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Knowledge Repository

Analysis of Departmental Area in Contemporary Hospitals: Calculation Methodologies & Design Factors in Major Patient Care Departments

Author(s): Allison, D., Hamilton, D. K.
Ratios used to calculate proposed departmental gross square footage constitute key information used in the process of programming, planning, and design. The ratio of net [usable] square footage to departmental gross square footage is commonly called the “net-to-gross ratio.” It is used by programmers, planners, and consultants to project the total area of proposed departments based on programmed net square feet required to perform the proposed workload of the department. 
Key Point Summary

Maximizing the Impact of Nursing Care Quality: A Closer Look at the Hospital Work Environment and the Nurse’s Impact on Patient-Care Quality

Author(s): Hendrich, A., Chow, M.
Current hospital work environments have inefficient work processes, physical designs, technology infrastructure, and organizational cultures that cause inefficiencies and nursing stressors that compromise direct patient care. This article reviewed the evidence relating to nursing work processes, physical space, infrastructure, and patient safety to promote transformational change to the nursing work environment.
Key Point Summary

Symposium looks into healthy designs

Author(s): Bennett, S.

Transforming care in children's hospitals through environmental design: Literature Review

Author(s): Joseph, A., Keller, A., Kronick, K.

The impact of facility design on patient safety

Author(s): Reiling, J.G., Murphy, M.R., Hughes, R.G.

Using a Computerized Fall Risk Assessment Process to Tailor Interventions in Acute Care

Author(s): Hook, M.L.