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Knowledge Repository

Servicescape: Physical environment of hospital pharmacies and hospital pharmacists’ work outcomes

Author(s): Lin, B.Y.-J., Leu, W.-J., Breen, G.-M., Lin, W.-H.
Researchers have studied the healthcare work environment from a number of angles, from an organizational behavior perspective honing in on motivation and reward, to an occupational and environmental perspective concerned with comfort and ergonomics, to a pathogenic perspective interested in exposure to disease. The idea of a “servicescape” has arisen in healthcare marketing to investigate the impact of the physical environment of service settings on employees’ psychological states and perceptions.
Key Point Summary

The ventilation of multiple-bed hospital wards: Review and analysis

Author(s): Beggs, C.B., Kevin, G., Noakes, C.J., Hathway, A., Andrewsleigh, P.
Ventilation is a key concern in hospitals, however this has received less attention in the context of hospital wards, as compared to operating theaters or isolation rooms which have a high risk of infections. In many countries in the world where private rooms are not yet the norm, the issue of ventilation in multi-bed rooms is a critical concern. This paper undertakes a review of guidelines in the UK and the US around this issue. 
Key Point Summary

Building the evidence base for evidence-based design: Editors' introduction

Author(s): Zimring, C., Bosch, S.

In California Hospitals, a design evolution for patients

Author(s): Zamosky, L.

Symposium looks into healthy designs

Author(s): Bennett, S.

Characterization of Phthalate Exposure among Pregnant Women Assessed by Repeat Air and Urine Samples

Author(s): Adibi, J.J., Whyatt, R.M., Williams, P.L., Calafat, A.M., Camann, D., Herrick, R., Nelson, H., Bhat, H.K., Perera, F.P., Silva, M.J., Hauser, R.

Transforming care in children's hospitals through environmental design: Literature Review

Author(s): Joseph, A., Keller, A., Kronick, K.