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Knowledge Repository

Environmental Noise Sources and Interventions to Minimize Them: A Tale of Two Hospitals

Author(s): Dube, J. A. O., Barth, M. M., Cmiel, C. A. , Cutshall, S. M. , Olson, S. M., Sulla, S. J., Nesbitt, J. C. , Sobczak, S. C., Holland, D. E.
Delivering patient care in a hospital is noisy. Yet research shows that noise interferes with the healing process and can disrupt the patient’s experience. Higher noise levels are linked to stress reaction; sleep disturbance; and increased heart rate, blood pressure, and muscle tension, creating an overarching issue that touches multiple disciplines and departments in the hospital. 
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Strategic, evidence-based design: The world's first elder friendly acute care hospital

Author(s): Maxwell, R., Van den Broek, R.

The Pebble Collaborative: An acoustic conversation

Author(s): Cheng, P

Influence of nursing unit layout on staff communication and interaction patterns

Author(s): Dutta, R.
The quality and design of the built environment has acquired a very significant role in improving patient and staff satisfaction in terms of overall healthcare experience. There is evidence from health care and beyond that working in teams enhances an organization’s effectiveness, produce a better patient care both in terms of improving health delivery and staff motivation, and in superior patient outcomes. Communication among all team members of the groups is essential for the success of delivering healthcare services.
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Enhancing a primary care environment: a case study of effects on patients and staff in a single general practice

Author(s): Rice, G., Ingram, J., Mizan, J.
The stress and satisfaction of patients and staff are important healthcare outcomes. Patient satisfaction and stress strongly impacts patient health, the images of healthcare organizations, patient loyalty, patient retention and attraction, operating revenue, and profit margin. Staff stress and job satisfaction directly impacts the quality of patient care, work efficiency, and staff turnover intent.
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Developing architectural lighting designs to improve sleep in older adults

Author(s): Figueiro, M., Saldo, E., Rea, M., Kubarek, K., Cunningham, J., Rea, M. S.
Light affects human health and well-being by affecting our ability to see the world, perceive distances and spatial relationships as well as modulating our circadian system. The circadian system which maintains the body's 24-hour cycle is entrained by the light and dark cycles of day and night as well as an internal oscillator located in the brain and a hormone melatonin. The circadian system regulates many of the bodies activities including sleep. A majority of older adults in long term care facilities suffer from sleep problems.
Key Point Summary

Randomized controlled trial investigating the effect of music on the virtual reality laparoscopic learning performance of novice surgeons

Author(s): Miskovic, D., Rosenthal, R., Zingg, U., Oertli, D., Metzger, U., Jancke, L.
The acoustic environment in operating rooms has significant impact on the performance of surgeons, anesthetists, and other staff who need high cognitive attention on the tasks they are performing. Music is often played in operating rooms during surgical procedures even though mixed results have been reported from research around music’s effects on healthcare work performance. Research from other settings showed that certain type of music might help improve human cognition.
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The effect of bedrails on falls and injury: a systematic review of clinical studies

Author(s): Healey, F., Oliver, D. , Milne, A., Connelly, J.B.
Falls and injury are a significant concern in healthcare and are linked to the never events. Around 1/4th of the falls in healthcare settings are from the bed. However, the literature on the role of bedrails in fall prevention is controversial and the prevailing opinion is that bedrails can be harmful and ineffective. 
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A Novel PACU Design for Noise Reduction

Author(s): Smykowski, L.
As redesign and renovation of patient care units occur, health care providers need to consider the importance of lowering environmental stressors. Noise in the hospital environment is one well documented problem, with detrimental effects to both patients and staff.  The paper reviews the redesign of the organization's PACU that explored a unique floor plan to minimize noise and improve privacy.
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The ventilation of multiple-bed hospital wards: Review and analysis

Author(s): Beggs, C.B., Kevin, G., Noakes, C.J., Hathway, A., Andrewsleigh, P.
Ventilation is a key concern in hospitals, however this has received less attention in the context of hospital wards, as compared to operating theaters or isolation rooms which have a high risk of infections. In many countries in the world where private rooms are not yet the norm, the issue of ventilation in multi-bed rooms is a critical concern. This paper undertakes a review of guidelines in the UK and the US around this issue. 
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