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Knowledge Repository

Environmental Issues Related to Medication Errors in Long-Term Care: Lessons From the Literature

Author(s): Mahmood, A., Chaudhury, H., Gaumont, A.
Medication errors contribute significantly to patient illness and mortality and are costly to the healthcare system. This is especially true for elderly patients in long-term care facilities. While the specific definition of medication error often varies from study to study, these errors typically occur when a physician's orders, the manufacturer's guidelines, or professional best practices in drug, dose, route, or timing are not properly followed. They can arise during ordering, dispensing, or administering medication.
Key Point Summary

Demystifying First-Cost Green Building Premiums in Healthcare

Author(s): Houghton, A., Vittori, G., Guenther, R.

Incentivizing the Daylit Hospital: The Green Guide for Health Care Approach

Author(s): Pradinuk, R.

Maternal positions and mobility during first stage labour

Author(s): Lawrence, A., Lewis, L., Hofmeyr, G. J., Dowswell, T., Styles, C.

A Study of Hospital Inpatient Unit Design Factors Impacting Direct Patient Care Time, Documentation Time, and Patient Safety

Author(s): Clark, T., Combs, S.
Architects have experimented with numerous inpatient care unit (IPU) designs, such as racetracks, “T-shapes,”, “L-shapes,”, triangular forms, and many others. There is no clear consensus on how the designs of these spaces and other physical features within IPUs influence healthcare provider productivity, safety, and overall effectiveness.
Key Point Summary

Guiding design of dementia friendly environments in residential care settings: Considering the living experiences

Author(s): Davis, S., Byers, S., Nay, R., Koch, S.

Perspectives of patients with disabilities on the accessibility of medical equipment: Examination tables, imaging equipment, medical chairs, and weight scales

Author(s): Story, M. F., Schwier, E., Kailes, J. I.

Therapeutic Influences of Plants in Hospital Rooms on Surgical Recovery

Author(s): Park, S.-H., Mattson, R. H.
Surgical procedures can instill a sizeable amount of anxiety in patients from all different backgrounds. Previous studies have thoroughly explored how increased stress and anxiety can adversely influence the recovery process following a surgical procedure.  
Key Point Summary

Preventing Chronic Disease Among the Aged: A Call for Evidence-Based Design Research

Author(s): Verberber, S.

Impact of Place of Residence on Relationship Between Quality of Life and Cognitive Decline in Dementia

Author(s): Missotten, P., Thomas, P., Squelard, G., Di Notte, D., Fontaine, O., Paquay, L., De Lepeleire, J., Buntinx, F., Ylieff, M.