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Knowledge Repository

Using a Task Analysis to Describe Nursing Work in Acute Care Patient Environments

Author(s): Battisto, D., Pak, R., Vander Wood, M. A., Pilcher, J. J.
A growing body of research demonstrates linkages between workplace design and processes in healthcare facilities with staff and patient safety, operational efficiency, staff satisfaction, and medical errors. There has been less emphasis on the role of the built environment in helping or hindering care delivery. Research is needed on the contextualized activities performed by nurses and how nurses spend their time to measure the effects of interventions aimed at redesigning care to improve safety or efficiency or to understand the implications of policy changes for nursing practice.
Key Point Summary

Effects of two hospital bed design features on physical demands and usability during brake engagement and patient transportation: A repeated measures experimental study

Author(s): Kim, S., Barker, L. M., Jia, B., Agnew, M. J., Nussbaum, M. A.
Healthcare work is physically demanding and often results in work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs). Most research in this area has focused on patient-handling techniques during activities that require direct patient contact, such as patient transfer. But healthcare providers perform other patient-handling tasks as well, such as engaging bed brakes and transporting patients in beds. These activities could also contribute to WMSDs.
Key Point Summary