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Knowledge Repository

Factors associated with the prevalence of violent behaviour among residents living in nursing homes

Author(s): Isaksson, U., Aström, S., Sandman, P-O., Karlsson, S.

Loading along the lumbar spine as influence by speed, control, load magnitude, and handle height during pushing

Author(s): Marras, W. S., Knapik, G. G., Ferguson, S.

Planning a Cardiovascular Hybrid Operating Room: the Technical Point of View

Author(s): Nollert, G., Wich, S.
The authors allude to the growing trend of using hybrid operating rooms (ORs) for a wide range of cardiac surgeries and interventions. Given the complexity of the work environment, the authors emphasize the need for integrating clinical, technical, and architectural knowledge and expertise into the design of a hybrid OR.
Key Point Summary

Medicare’s Policy Not To Pay For Treating Hospital-Acquired Conditions: The Impact

Author(s): McNair, P. D., Luft, H. S., Bindman, A. B.

Post-Occupancy Evaluation of Negative-Pressure Isolation Rooms: Using the Balanced Scorecard Framework

Author(s): Wang, C.-H., Kuo, N.-W.
To combat the spread of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) following an epidemic outbreak in Taiwan in early 2003, all hospitals were mandated by health authorities to convert their patient rooms into negative pressure isolation rooms. The authors believe that it is necessary to evaluate these rooms to ensure that they are functioning effectively.
Key Point Summary

Guesting Area: An Alternative for Boarding Mental Health Patients Seen in Emergency Departments

Author(s): Winokur, E. J., Senteno, J. M.

Recommended Community Strategies and Measurements to Prevent Obesity in the United States: Implementation and Measurement Guide

Author(s): Keener, D., Goodman, K., Lowry, A., Zaro, S., Khan, L. K.

Measuring the Built Environment for Physical Activity. State of the Science

Author(s): Brownson, R. C., Hoehner, C. M., Day, K., Forsyth, A., Sallis, J. F.

Evaluation of the Walkable Neighborhoods for Seniors Project in Sacramento County

Author(s): Hooker, S. P., Cirill, L. A., Geraghty, A.

Hospital design for better infection control

Author(s): Lateef, F.