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Knowledge Repository

Airborne Concentrations of Volatile Organic Compounds, Formaldehyde and Ammonia in Finnish Office Buildings with Suspected Indoor Air Problems

Author(s): Heidi, J.S., Anna-Liisa, P., Sanna, K.L., Henri, M.R., Tapani, M.T., Pertti, O.P., Beatrice, C.B., Kari, E.R.

Chlorine Dioxide Reactions with Indoor Materials during Building Disinfection: Surface Uptake

Author(s): Heidi, H., Dustin, P., Richard, L.C.

Measurement of Airborne Influenza Virus in a Hospital Emergency Department

Author(s): Francoise, M.B., William, G.L., Terri, A.P., Stacey, E.A., Melanie, F., Rashida, K., Barbara, J.M., Owen, L., Stephen, D., Robert, E.T., Ismail, C., Bean, T.C., Donald, H.B.

Thermal comfort of an air-conditioned office through different windows-door opening arrangements

Author(s): Daghigh, R., Adam, N.M., Sopian, K., Sahari, B.B.

An Investigation of Homes with High Concentrations of PCDDs, PCDFs, and/or Dioxin-Like PCBs in House Dust

Author(s): Alfred, F., Lynn, Z., Kristine, K., Qixuan, C., Shih-Yuan, L., Biling, H., Peter, A., Avery, D., David, G., Brenda, G., James, L., William, L., Martha, M., Tim, T.

Water Use Case Study: Norwood Hospital

Author(s): Unknown

Water Efficiency and Management for Hospitals

Author(s): Unknown

Using evidence-based environmental design to enhance safety and quality.

Author(s): Sadler, B., Joseph, A., Keller, A., Rostenberg, B.

Handbook of control room design and ergonomics: A perspective for the future

Author(s): Ivergård, T., Hunt, B.

Thermal Comfort, Uniformity, and Ventilation Effectiveness in Patient Rooms: Performance Assessment Using Ventilation Indices

Author(s): Memarzadeh, F., Manning, A.