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Knowledge Repository

Establishment of KPIs for Facility Performance Measurement: Review of Literature

Author(s): Dixit, M. K., Garcia, J. A., Lavy, S.

Applications of ultraviolet germicidal irradiation disinfection in health care facilities: Effective adjunct, but not stand-alone technology

Author(s): Memarzadeh, Olmsted, R. N., Bartley, J. M.

Environmental decontamination of a hospital isolation room using high-intensity narrow-spectrum light

Author(s): Maclean, M., MacGregor, S. J., Anderson, J. G., Woolsey, G. A., Coia, J. E., Hamilton, K., Taggart, I., Watson, S. B., Thakker, B., Gettinby, G.

Long-term care for people with dementia: environmental design guidelines

Author(s): Fleming, R., Purandare, N.

Impact of ambient bright light on agitation in dementia

Author(s): Barrick, A. L., Sloane, P. D., Williams, C. S., Mitchell, C. M., Connell, Bettye Rose, Wood, W., Hickman, S. E., Preisser, J. S., Zimmerman, S.

The relationship between birth unit design and safe, satisfying birth: Developing a hypothetical model

Author(s): Foureur, M., Davis, D., Fenwick, J., Leap, N., Iedema, R., Forbes, I., Homer, C. S. E.
The authors assert that just as the designed environment can impact health outcomes by disrupting effective communication and increasing patient and staff stress, it can also impact the experiences and outcomes for birthing women. 
Key Point Summary

Comparison between Massage and Music Therapies to Relieve the Severity of Labor Pain

Author(s): Taghinejad, H., Delpisheh, A., Suhrabi, Z.

Association of Interruptions With an Increased Risk and Severity of Medication Administration Errors

Author(s): Westbrook, J. I., Woods, A., Rob, M. I., Dunsmuir, W. T. M., Day, R. O.

Developing a Usability Evaluation Tool to Assess the Patient Room Bathroom

Author(s): Fink, N., Pak, R., Battisto, D.
Objective: The goal of this project was to create an easy-to-administer and inexpensive tool that can help indentify usability issues in a patient room bathroom during the design process so improvements can be made before the final product is constructed and put into operation. Background: The bathroom is an essential part of any hospital patient room, yet it is associated with nurse...
Key Point Summary

Validating Acoustic Guidelines for Healthcare Facilities - Evidence-Based Design Meets Evidence-Based Medicine: The Sound Sleep Study

Author(s): Solet, J. M., Buxton, O. M., Ellenbogen, J. M., Wang, W., Carballiera, A.