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Knowledge Repository

Clinical studies of the high-intensity narrow-spectrum light environmental decontamination system (HINS-light EDS), for continuous disinfection in the burn unit inpatient and outpatient settings

Author(s): Bache, S. E., Maclean, M., MacGregor, S. J., Anderson, J. G., Gettinby, G., Coia, J. E., Taggart, I.

Human Factors Evaluation of an Interventional Trauma Operating Room Mock-up

Author(s): Biesbroek, S., Shultz, J., Kirkpatrick, A., Kortbeek, J.
Trauma operating rooms and angiography procedure rooms are separate entities in hospitals. An Interventional Trauma Operating Room (ITOR) with scope for both traditional surgery and interventional radiological procedures was designed to reduce the risk involved in moving unstable patients between the two treatment areas.
Key Point Summary

Generating Evidence from Day-To-Day Activities: Methodological Issues-Part 2

Author(s): Pati, D.

Toward a physical environmental continuum for occupational intervention in a rehabilitation hospital

Author(s): Skubik-Peplaski, C., Rowles, G. D., Hunter, E. G.

Evidence-based facilities design in health care: A study of aged care facilities in Australia

Author(s): Fleming, R., Fay, R., Robinson, A.

Older people's cardiac responses as indicators of stress in familiar and unfamiliar environments: Older people's cardiac responses to environment triggers

Author(s): Lewis, M. J., Phillips, J. E.

Does the design of extra-care housing meet the needs of the residents? A focus group study

Author(s): Barnes, S., Torrington, J., Darton, R., Holder, J., Lewis, A., McKEE, K., Netten, A., Orrell, A.

Impacts of indoor daylight environments on patient average length of stay (ALOS) in a healthcare facility

Author(s): Choi, J.-H., Beltran, L. O., Kim, H.-S.
One of the components that increases the quality of the indoor environment in hospitals is window views with access to daylight. The orientation of a window can be significant to the amount of daylight a room can get. This study examined the indoor environments of patient rooms located on different sides of a hospital building to investigate the impact of daylight on the length of stay.
Key Point Summary

Aging in place at home through environmental support of physical activity: An interdisciplinary conceptual framework and analysis

Author(s): Wang, Z., Shepley, M. M., Rodiek, S. D.

Sensory environment on health-related outcomes of hospital patients

Author(s): Drahota, A., Ward, D., Mackenzie, H., Stores, R., Higgins, B., Gal, D., Dean, T. P.